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Premium Cleansing Kit

Premium Cleansing Kit


Our Premium Cleansing Kit's are hand made with love.

Each cleansing Stick is wrapped with the finest organic hemp twine, to ensure no nasty chemicals are released when burning.


Each Cleansing stick has their own unique healing benefits.

Yerba Santa is perfect for LOVE it helps to heal the Heart chakra.

Desert Magic is great for PROTECTION and WISDOM.

White Sage is amazing for PURIFICATION, it removes all stagnant energies, cleansing you spiritualy and physically.

Lavender is a lovely healing tool that helps to restore EMOTIONAL BALANCE, attracting angelic beings and promoting peaceful and harmonious energies.


And in this kit, you get them all...


Included in the Premium Cleansing kit:

Desert Magic, White Sage and Lavender (with crystal), Yerba Santa, White Sage, Abalone Shell, Peacock and Goose Feather, Large Selenite Wand.

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