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Green Aventurine Water Bottle

Green Aventurine Water Bottle

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Enhance your vibration by charging your water with the positive energies of crystals.

It is believed that water can absorb energy and store it as 'memory'. This has led many people to become more aware of how they store their water and where they source it from. This is what has inspired the creation of the 'Crystal Infused Water Bottles'.


Why use Crystals?

Crystals emit an energy that is said to positively charge what is within its field. And this is why we use crystals as a tool to improve our spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Pairing Crystals with your water ensures that no matter your environment or emotional state, your water will stay charged and energetically cleansed.


Green Aventurine attributes:

Luck, vitality, personal growth, love, concentration, focus, strength, connection to nature.


Bottle specifics:

- Crystals in the bottle can be changed by unscrewing the bottom

- Made from premium heat resistant glass and stainless steel

- Bottles include a thermal sleeve

- Suitable for hot drinks

- 550ml

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