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7" Crystal Singing Bowl - Crown Chakra (Note B)

7" Crystal Singing Bowl - Crown Chakra (Note B)


The pure tone produced by this Crystal Singing Bowl will encase you in a protective cocoon of loving vibrational energy, cleansing your mind, body, spirit, and space. The smoothing sound can be used as a tool to help guide you during meditation. Encouraging you to you to pause, practise presence and experience peace.


Crystal Singing Bowls Frequencies and Notes:


‘B’ Note

The B note is said to activate the Crown Chakra, strengthening your connection to the Cosmos.


Make it your own and choose the perfect bundle for you!


Love Bundle:

9” Yerba Santa and Rose Quartz Crystal

- Perfect for attracting loving energies into your life!


Ascension Bundle:

Blue Sage and Palo Santo with a Selenite Crystal Wand.

- Tap into your inner self, it’s time to elevate your spiritual journey!


Protection Bundle:

9” White Sage and Amethyst Druze.

- Stay protected, guided, and balanced.



Chosen bundle


O-Ring (stand)

Bowl 7"

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