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12" Crystal Singing Bowl - Root Chakra (Note C)

12" Crystal Singing Bowl - Root Chakra (Note C)


The pure tone produced by this Crystal Singing Bowl will encase you in a protective cocoon of loving vibrational energy, cleansing your mind, body, spirit, and space. The smoothing sound can be used as a tool to help guide you during meditation. Encouraging you to you to pause, practise presence and experience peace.


Crystal Singing Bowls Frequencies and Notes:



The 432hz frequency is said to promote greater levels of mental and emotional clarity whilst encouraging us to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness.


C Note

The C note is said to activate the Root Chakra, connecting you to mother earth, promoting stability, grounding and growth.


Make it your own and choose the perfect bundle for you!


Love Bundle:

Sweetgrass and Palo Santo.

- Perfect for attracting loving energies into your life!


Ascension Bundle:

Blue Sage and Wild Bergamot with a Selenite Crystal Wand.

- Tap into your inner self, it’s time to elevate your spiritual journey!


Protection Bundle:

9” White Sage and Amethyst Druze.

- Stay protected, guided, and balanced.


Manifesting Bundle:

4 Raw Copal Incense Sticks and Pyrite Crystal.

- Unlock your personal power and open the door to new opportunities and endless possibilities.



Chosen bundle


O-Ring (stand)

Bowl 12"

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