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Welcome to the Th3rd Family!

Each product is ethically sourced and consciously selected.

Th3rds purpose is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to help guide you along your journey...

"I am loved"
"I am proud of myself"
"I am grateful for all that I have"

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"A spiritual journey emulates the Universe, infinite, beautiful and constantly evolving, 
let us take your hand and guide you along the way..."


Sage, Abalone Shell, Crystal
Crystal Singing Bowl
Selenite Tower Crystal

"It is our intention to ensure that all our products and natural stones are ethically

sourced by making conscious decisions about where and who we choose to collaborate with.

We want you to know that when you buy from The Th3rd Brand, you are also contributing to the love,

light and healing of the world by investing ethically."


- Shanaya Evans (Founder)



Meditation can be a challenge for many for us. But what if I told you meditation isn't what you thought? What if you could learn a series of new practises that could have you creating your own pockets of presence every day...


Up for a 30 day self care challenge?

We have created a 30 day Self-Care Challenge, for you to get closer to practising presence and taking those essential 'pause moments'


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Welcome to the Th3rd family!

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Customer review

"Great service, super quick next day delivery and amazing product! My Crystal on a gold stand looks incredible and I can't wait to make more purchases from Th3rd"

5 stars the th3rd brand

Customer review

"I wanted to say everything about it is so beautiful. From the packaging to the actual bowl and accessories"

5 stars the th3rd brand

Customer review

"The attention to detail on the labels, the branding, the packaging & choice of words, you smashed it, I felt vibrational energy when I opened the box"

5 stars the th3rd brand
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