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Tigers Eye Energy Point

Tigers Eye Energy Point


Tigers Eye is a powerful stone, its use dates back to ancient times. Tigers Eye was used to carve amulets of protection, due to the belief of it's vibrational power.


Ancient Egyptians regarded Tigers Eye as precious and one of the most prized gems of the River Nile Valley, so much so that they included the Gem in the Tombs of the Pharaohs as a sacred offering. 


Tigers Eye Facts

- Tiger Eye is governed by the Sun and Mars

- Tigers Eye is great for the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras 

- The name ‘Tigers Eye’ derived from the similar characteristics the stone shares with the animal, such as the Stripy appearance and the golden gleam of the stone when caught by light is compared to the eye of a cat. 


What does Tigers Eye do for us?

Tigers Eye offers us clarity, courage, and self confidence. This crystal enhances our personal power, whilst attracting luck, fortune and protection.


This beautiful Stone comes alive under the light, shining iridescent Gold, it is truly unique.


All our Crystals are 100% natural, authentic and ethically sourced.

Each Crystal is sold as seen, you will receive what is shown in the images.


Crystal dimensions:

Height: 10cm

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