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Rose Quartz & Calcite Energy Tree

Rose Quartz & Calcite Energy Tree


Manifest your desires with this beautiful manifestation tree. Write down a desire or a vision and place it under the base of the Tree.By giving this Gemstone Tree an intention you will subconsciously manifest your desires each time you look at it. Make sure to cleanse your Tree by rinsing it under cool water or leaving it under the light of a full moon, do this each time you are ready to set a new intention.


Rose quartz is the stone of love! It promotes self-love, friendship, compassion, trust and deep inner healing. This high vibrational stone activates your Heart Chakra welcoming love, healing and much more.


As one of the most powerful Crystals, Clear Quartz is renowned for its diverse healing benefits. Quartz Crystals have the ability to transmute negative energy into positive high vibrational energy. This beautiful raw Clear Quartz can be used during meditation to achieve sharper focus and a calmer mind.



14cm in height.

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