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Moldavite - The Extraterrestrial Crystal

Moldavite - The Extraterrestrial Crystal


You have most likely heard of the 'life transforming' Tektite *drumroll* Moldavite...

whether it be through TikTok, word of mouth or research. Moldavite is renowned for its magical powers and ability to catapult you towards your life’s purpose and divine path by drawing a close to everything that no longer serves you and opening the door to unlimited potential and abundance.


What exactly is Moldavite? 


Moldavite is not actually a Crystal but a Tektite. 

14.7 million years ago a meteorite travelling through Space found it's way to earth and collided into an area of land near Southern Germany. The impact, heat and extreme pressure created what we know as Moldavite, what I like to call a gift from the cosmos...


Fun Facts:

- It is claimed that Moldavite holds extraterrestrial energies 

- It came from Space

- It is said to be life transforming

- It is extremely rare

- It can enhance your other Crystals  


Size (12 - 14mm)


You can choose to have your Moldavite hand wrapped in a silver wire, so you can put it on a necklace.

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