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Libyan Desert Glass (one of the rarest minerals in the world)

Libyan Desert Glass (one of the rarest minerals in the world)


Libyan Desert Glass is one of the rarest minerals on earth and is over 24 million years old, it was discovered in 1932 in the Sahara Desert.

It was created when a meteorite collided into the Sahara Desert. This is why it is believed to be so special, it is made from cosmic extraterrestrial matter and energies.

The Egyptians called it the ‘Rock Of God' and it was regarded as so special it was carved into a Scarab for King Tutankhamuns pectoral (breastplate) which discovered in his tomb.

It resonates with our Solar Plexus Chakra which is associated with Confidence, self worth, personal power, authenticity and freedom.

Libyan Desert glass is renowned for being the stone of manifestations, it's mystical energies help reaffirm your goals to the universe, vibrationally attracting them into your life quicker.

Libyan Desert glass is associated with the sun, due to its golden colour and bright optimistic energy.

Due to it being a tektite this differs from other crystals, it is not grown from the earth, meaning there is a limited amount of this precious stone, making it extremely rare. 


Why should you have Libyan Desert Glass?

If you are seeking a vibrationally powerful mineral, with warm positive energies, Libyan Desert Glass is the one to choose. Unlike other Crystals this mineral has the energy of Earth and Space, making it the bridge between here and there. This energy is mystical and nurturing whilst enhancing our personal power, prosperity and manifestations. 


Also… how many people can say they own a piece of jewllery that is over 24 million years old?


Wrapped with silver plated wire.

Make sure you remove your pendant when showering.


Approximately 2cm - 1.5cm

4 grams.

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