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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz known as the “Master Healer.”


As one of the most powerful Crystals, Clear Quartz is renowned for its diverse healing benefits. Quartz Crystals have the ability to transmute negative energy into positive high vibrational energy. This beautiful raw Clear Quartz can be used during meditation to achieve sharper focus and a calmer mind.


The physical benefit of Clear Quartz is said to aid in the stimulation of the immune system and balancing of the body's energy system (Chakras).

Clear Quartz helps to align our Major Seven Chakras but is heavily associated with activating our Crown Chakra. If you would like to learn more about the Chakra System, please read our Blog!


All our Crystals are 100% natural, authentic, and ethically sourced.

Each Crystal is sold as seen; you will receive what is shown in the images.


Crystal Dimensions:

7cm x 5cm

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