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Premium Copal Incense Sticks

Premium Copal Incense Sticks


Perfect for easing anxiety and stress,

Inhale, exhale, release and reset,

Cleanse your mind, body, soul and space.

It's time to retreat to your happy place.


Copal is a magical sacred resin that has been used since ancient times by Natives. It is known to have a powerful influence by increasing the ability to channel powerful energies, ideal for entering into deep states of meditation.

Copal is also used to  improve concentration, promote relaxation and fight stress by enhancing harmony within the mind body and soul. 


There is a beautiful belief that the smoke rising from the copal represents your desires, prayers and wishes rising to heaven.


5 x Natural Copal Incense Sticks (20cm).

1 x Small Crystal 


Burn time (2hrs)

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